With 3M paint protection covering the front of your vehicle, rocks don't stand a chance. Consider it a forcefield for you paint, deflecting almost anything that hits it.  Covering only vital impact-prone areas ensures that your vehicle stays looking new for years to come, and with a lifetime warranty against defects,
you can't go wrong!

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Custom(er) Rides

Clear Bra Paint Protection
Accessor-Ease has you covered!
From a simple chrome accent to a full custom build, and from a simple iPod cable to a 7 TV screen system, We can handle it all and it is all 
important to us
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In Car Theater systems can make road trips that used to begin with "Are we there yet?" end with "Can we finish our movie?" even if they're only to the grocery store.  Bringing entertainment into the vehicle in a whole new way featuring video game controllers, wireless headphones, iPod integration, and  hours of fun.  Want one overhead or two in the headrests? Or go all out with two overhead and 4 in the headrests, each playing a different movie. Add mobile Direct TV service or stream movies over your mobile hotspot and you're in it for the long haul!  
In Car Theater Systems
Custom Leather and Heated Seats
Luxury!! That sums it up.  
Adding leather seats to your vehicle can give you the luxurious comfort you've been looking for in your vehicle.  Easy cleanup and durability brings you years of lasting beauty. Made from genuine leather with colors hand-selected by you
give your ride that custom look.  
.Warm those cold days with a couple of seat heaters. 
Install them in the front and/or back seats for the ultimate in therapeutic comfort.  Even let us  install them under your existing cloth or leather seats.
With  two settings and a 3 year warranty, instantly 
warm seats are just a moment away!
Navigation Systems
Never get lost again! With the latest in navigation, the maps are just one of the features.  Control all of your entertainment from your system. Stream internet radio, play music wirelessly through Bluetooth, control all your music on your iPod or iPhone. With dual sources, control the dvd that's playing in back, or let your back passengers see the map.  Advanced navigation features 3D building icons, lane recognition, and millions of points of interests.  Don't give up the latest and greatest options to keep your dash looking factory, with the newest systems, original equipment look and feel is retained and no cutting, hacking or tapping your dash, simply let us install it and enjoy!

Remote Start and Security Systems
The future is here.
Start your car from your smartphone.  
Unlock your doors or sound your horn from anywhere in the world with cell coverage.  Security systems notify you if a door has been opened or your vehicle is tampered with.  All systems work with and retain your factory security system.  Warm it up 
or cool it down with a remote start and have the 
convenience of never freezing or burning up again.

        The ultimate in comfort and convenience.
Lift Kits, Lowering Kits, Wheels and Tires
and bling in general...
...Speaks for itself.
Your Ride is Our Passion.
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